Steven Shore (SF68)


Steven Shore (SF68)

A member of the first class to graduate from St. John’s Santa Fe campus, Steven Shore (SF68) later earned his MBA from Columbia University and enjoyed a 57-year career as a financial analyst until his retirement in 2017.

He says he was attracted to St. John’s by its comprehensive and unified curriculum as well as its uncompromising emphasis on student participation. “One of my favorite memories is of tutor Tom Slakey telling me in my first seminar that I didn’t need to raise my hand to participate.” It was an eye-opening introduction to St. John’s collaborative, egalitarian approach to classroom discussion.

In gratitude for his St. John’s experience, Steven has named the College as one of the beneficiaries of his IRA and a group term life insurance policy—and he has directed his gift entirely to the St. John’s Endowment, which serves as a permanent source of general support for the college.

“It was easy to arrange and will be easy to implement,” Steven says.

Because the St. John’s Endowment provides the College with an enduring revenue stream, Steven’s gift will have a lasting impact on all the needs that are particularly important to him—including student career counseling, tutor support, and the continued strength of St. John’s academic Program.

He encourages others to consider the legacies they can leave to future Johnnies. “I would love to see at least 80% of graduates make a contribution to the College,” Steven concludes. “If you are convinced you are a better human as a result of having attended St. John’s, consider making an appropriate legacy gift to the College.”


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